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Save the Date: FeenCon 2023

This year we could experience a great relaunch of the FeenCon in June. Under new management, with a new team and especially at the new location. We had almost 200 program items on offer and 80 exhibitors. Now we are happy to announce the date for the FeenCon 2023:

FeenCon 2023
June 17 – 18, 2023
IGS Bonn-Beuel

Those of you who are already marking the new date in your calendars will surely notice that we have a scheduling change. The FeenCon will no longer take place IN the summer vacations of North Rhine-Westphalia, but on the last weekend BEFORE them. The background of this small but for us crucial change is a not insignificant expansion and improvement of the offer. But we will come back to that later …

Of course, we still do not have a crystal ball that tells us how the world political and pandemic events will look like in the coming year and which restrictions will apply in the next summer. However, we are again very confident and build on our experience how an event like the FeenCon can be realized under the given situations.

The registration for exhibitors and program providers (readings, workshops, game sessions etc.) is now open. You can also book tickets for FeenCon 2023 already now. In the Super-Early-Bird rate we give you up to December 26nd 2022 even 20% discount on the Full Event tickets!

We are also happy about any helping hands for the FeenCon 2023, so helpers are also welcome to apply, so that they can be involved in the planning early.

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