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That was the FeenCon 2023

The sore muscles are over, the scratches are fading and the tiredness has also passed. A convention like the FeenCon doesn’t leave the chronically understaffed team of helpers and organizers unscathed. But now, a week after the gates closed and tables were folded, we can take a look at the past weekend and try the statistics.

FeenCon 2023 Foto: Nicole Burchgart (Nibugraphy,

The FeenCon 2023 (June 17th – 18th) took again place in the premises and on the outdoor area of the IGS Bonn-Beuel. After some last-minute cancellations, 142 exhibitors cavorted indoors and outdoors, covering a very broad and highly interesting range of topics. 130 program items such as readings, workshops, discussions, musical interludes by Spielmann Absolem or the late evening fire show complemented the market hustle and bustle. In addition, the numerous costumed and robed people with unannounced walking acts also offered a high entertainment value.

Spielmann Absolem at the FeenCon 2023 Foto: Nicole Burchgart (Nibugraphy,

On stage

For the first time, a varied and well-attended program took place on our stage, which was also streamed to the Internet by our media partners 3P (Partners in Pen & Paper) and with great technical support from Couch Session RPG. In the meantime, the recordings of the individual program points on the big stage can also be found on YouTube.

In this context, the winning project of the IdeenFee was determined for the first time. Three role-playing projects with very different, but generally very exciting ideas were presented on stage. The audience had a clear vote and chose the project “Papiertheaterschirm” by Dirk Kosel as the winner of the award of the Gilde der Fantasy-Rollenspieler e. V.

Game sessions

Big and small at the FeenCon 2023 Photo: Nicole Burchgart (Nibugraphy,

For role-players, 138 game sessions were realized in the classrooms of the IGS Bonn-Beuel or in pavilions on the outdoor grounds. In fact, games were played continuously from 10:30 a.m. on Saturday to 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, with only one short interruption of 3.5 hours.

And those who didn’t feel like playing Cthulhu, Shadowrun, Dungeons & Dragons and Co. could help themselves at the game rental of our partners of the Spielfreunde “Wilde Zockerei” and have numerous games taught to them right on the spot. Pegasus and Asmodee supported this offer with their respective novelties and expert supporters.

Another option was offered by our Bedburger TableTop Freunde, who presented exciting landscapes for the TableTop games at several tables and also provided an uncomplicated introduction to the worlds of miniatures.

Market hustle and bustle

In perfect weather (28 to 31 °C), the spectacle on the outdoor area also attracted visitors with a fantasy market and all kinds of programs for young and old. The offer was so diverse that it was difficult to choose among the numerous parallel events. Whether a trial round with the Jugger Bonn-Rhein-Sieg, medieval dance training, weapon combat training for the next larp event with the Phönixklingen (phoenix blades), historical candle making, handcrafting leather, a visit to the Scots or simply fighting the zombies, whether as an active participant or with a cherry beer in hand as a spectator: there was never reason for boredom!

In total, there were 2,132 sweating but joyfully beaming people at this year’s FeenCon, making the event a great success! This means that FeenCon is once again following in the footsteps of past greats.

And what happens next?

FeenCon 2024 at the IGS Bonn-Beuel 29. – 30. June 2024
FeenCon 2024 at the IGS Bonn-Beuel 29. – 30. June 2024

We have a date for next year: June 29 – 30, 2024.

But whether the FeenCon can take place again in this size and with this program offer depends on whether we find enough helping hands for the weekend. This year, 35 people actively supported us at the peak. Only 35!

In fact, however, at least twice that number is needed for an event of this magnitude. If this number is not secured for 2024, the responsible FeenCon organization will no longer hold the event on this scale and under these conditions. The risks for all involved (both on the side of the helpers and the visitors) are simply too high.

Whoever would like to contribute, also with responsible and planning tasks, is already called upon to get in touch with us! We offer sweaty activities in sweltering heat, physical strain at the limit and a timeless yellow T-shirt … But all this will be a piece of cake and a celebration if it is distributed on many shoulders.

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