Game sessions are one of the most important elements of FeenCon and always in high demand. Classically, there can’t be enough game sessions, so we are happy about everyone who offers a session at the FeenCon. If you register a session on our homepage in advance, the whole thing will be a bit more relaxed for you and us … and of course the visitors have the possibility to prepare themselves for your exciting round. We also have a few goodies for you as a game master!

Nevertheless we have a few hints:

Activation of the rounds for the homepage

The rounds will be activated by us after a short check usually within 24 hours. If you receive a confirmation mail with your entries, we have also received the data in our database. So you do not have to register your round several times if it is not displayed immediately. If we have any questions, we will contact you by e-mail.

Session posting and table allocation

The final table allocation will be done on site at the FeenCon by the game session administration. Please contact them in time before your session starts, because the game session will be posted only after your personal appearance on site to make sure that the session is actually offered.

Please also keep in mind that the participants in your session must have the chance to sign up for the game. So ideally you should contact the game session administration as early as possible. However, the notice board will be posted no earlier than 4 – 5 hours before the start of the game session.

Changes to the game session

Of course, your input is not set in stone. We will gladly accept changes (before the event via email, at the event verbally).


Something can always come up. So if it doesn’t work out with your session, please let us know (before the event by e-mail, at the event verbally). This will enable us to free up the much sought-after table in the planning.


We are happy to reward our game leaders who register their game sessions with us in advance! If you register your session at least one week before the event, you will get free entry. We will send you the ticket by e-mail in time before the event.

There will also be some refreshments for you, a guaranteed con bag and maybe even something more! These goodies will be handed out to you at the game session administration.

If you even offer an English-language session, there will be a bonus on top!


Game leaders who have chosen an early game session start on Saturday (between 10:00 and 11:30) can be admitted as early as 09:30. However, we do not recommend that sessions start before 11:00 on Saturday, as participants should have the opportunity to sign up on the lists.