That was the FeenCon 2023

The sore muscles are over, the scratches are fading and the tiredness has also passed. A convention like the FeenCon doesn't leave the chronically understaffed team of helpers and organizers unscathed. But now, a week after the gates closed and tables were folded, we can take a look at the past weekend and try the statistics. FeenCon 2023 Foto: Nicole Burchgart (Nibugraphy, The FeenCon 2023 (June 17th - 18th) took again place in the premises and on the outdoor area of the IGS Bonn-Beuel. After some last-minute cancellations, 142 exhibitors cavorted indoors and outdoors, covering a very broad and highly interesting range of topics. 130 program items such as readings, workshops, discussions, musical interludes by Spielmann Absolem or the late evening fire show complemented the market hustle and bustle. In addition, the numerous costumed and robed people with unannounced…


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