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Samstag 14:00
14:00 - 18:00
(4 h)

Ort: B111.02

Masks: A New Generation
max. 5 Plätze

Dunk the GunkGB Fahne
angeboten von: Alasdair

Being a teenager isn’t easy – especially if you’re ALSO a superhero. But when Dr. Goo and his Gunk Minions take over your school, it’s time for some of Halcyon City’s youngest supers to take charge.
We’ll be playing "Masks: A New Generation", the PbtA based teenage superhero TTRPG by Magpie Games. You will build your characters and team of super youngsters at the start of the session, no prior experience required. All you need are 2d6 (though I can loan you those if needed) and something to write with.

Triggerwarnung: child endangerment, monsters

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