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Titel, Anbieter und Beschreibung
Samstag 16:00
16:00 - 19:00
(3 h)

Ort: B115.01

Pathfinder 2e
max. 6 Plätze

Pathfinder Society Scenario: The Second Confirmation (no Organized Play)GB Fahne
angeboten von: Chris Warlock

With few exceptions, those aspiring to join the Pathfinder Society’s ranks must succeed at a personalized mission known as a Confirmation. After years of training, Pathfinder initiates undertake these specialized missions on their own to show what they’ve learned. One excited initiate recently left the Grand Lodge to embark on his Confirmation but hasn’t reported back in the expected time frame. Worried for the initiate’s safety, the Society authorizes a group of initiates to find out what happened as a special group Confirmation!

Alterseinstufung: ab 18 Jahren (analog TV-Programm ab 23:00)

Triggerwarnung: Violence: Blood, War, Torture, Death
Animala: Spiders, Snakes, Worms and other animal that can cause fear of revulsion
Ghosts, Monsters, supernatural beings
Explicit: explicit depiction or mention of physical, psychological, or sexiual violence

  • Spielmaterial (z. B. Charaktere) wird gestellt.

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